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All you need to know

Need a Personal Plan?

DarkEyE Professional can be customized depeding from your needs.

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Contact us for any kind of questions. We’ll be happy to assist you.

What's the purpose of DarkEyE Protector ?

Encrypt and protect your exe files from tampering and reverse engineering

What dependencies have encrypted file ?

Output file doesn’t requires additional dependencies. This means your encrypted file will runs on every windows based system starting from Windows 2003 to Windows 10

How it works ?

Your original exe is encrypted using an encryption algorithm. The loader code is then compiled with your original now ENCRYPTED EXE Using random compilation techiniques/code choosen randomly by DarkEyE.When your end user runs the new exe our code will execute first then will be responsable for decrypting your original file into memory and execution your original code.

Who needs it ?

Any software developer wanting to protect his code properly.