Professional GUI

Awesome and intuitive multi-skin graphic user interface.

High Quality

Our team of developer are extremely experienced in security and protection of executable files.

Enhanced protection.

We use unique techiniques to protect your exe files against reverse-engineriing and tampering.

On-demand features.

Need a feature wich you want inserted into our software ? Just ask us !


.NET Apps Supported

You can protect .NET applications. DarkEyE will take care of its execution, and you don’t need to worry about it (NOT ALL APPLICATIONS WORKS).

Windows Compatible.

Protected and encrypted files are compatible with any Windows based system from Windows 2003 to Windows 10.

Multi file protection

You can protect more than 1 file in one time , execution will be guaranteed stable, up to 64 MB Files.

Fast on-the-fly updates

Most of software updates are made trough server, no need to update client. This will avoid annoying waiting times.

Anti Memory Dump

Prevent hackers to dump your process memory protecting sensible data to potential attackers.

Join needed files

You can join needed files to your final protected file. For example a dll file, a readme txt etc.

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